Frequently Asked Questions on Fire Safety in Kingston

At Ohms Fire & Security Ltd, we don’t just sell our customers fire alarms and move on to the next installation. Instead, we offer clients in Kingston the complete fire safety package. After installing alarms, we continue to service and maintain them as part of an ongoing fire protection package. We also provide helpful advice on fire prevention.

Because we are based in Byfleet, we install fire alarms in nearby Kingston on a regular basis. Our technicians are often asked a series of similar questions by our clients so to bring you up to speed with our fire safety and fire protection services, we’ve answered some of the most frequent questions we face in the section below.

Will fire alarms make any difference when it comes to fire prevention?

Not directly but if you are vigilant enough to have fire alarms installed at your Kingston property, it does show that you take fire safety seriously. While we are a business and need to make money to survive, we think that providing information on fire prevention is just as important as our installation work.

During the initial survey, our company will provide you with helpful advice on fire safety that should minimise the risks of a possible outbreak. In the grand scheme of things, fire alarms are a last resort that alert you to danger and give you time to evacuate your Kingston home or business. Fire prevention is always the most important element of fire safety.

Are some properties more vulnerable to fires than others?

Yes, but we strongly suggest that you take fire protection seriously even if your property is considered to have less potential risks. Some commercial properties in Kingston, such as those that are licensed to store flammable liquids, will need to have more advanced fire prevention measures in place compared to a residential property.

Even so, we strongly recommend that fire alarms are fitted anywhere that people are present. One day, they could be instrumental in saving your life.

How can domestic property owners in Kingston improve fire safety?

Fire prevention is vitally important in any household but if you have a family protect, we’d obviously recommend the installation of fire alarms as an absolute priority. However, the way you live can also improve fire protection around the home. Smoking is still one of the biggest contributors to fire so never light up in bed or empty ashtrays into bins.

Avoid overloading sockets, never run electrical cables underneath carpets and avoid using portable heating appliances near soft furnishings such as curtains or drapes. Pay attention when using candles and never leave lighters or matches near children.

Do your alarms comply with current fire protection legislation?

Yes. All fire alarms installed by Ohms Fire & Security Ltd meet current UK and European standards. We’d never compromise the safety of our Kingston clients by fitting substandard fire alarms into their homes. Just as importantly. We ensure our alarms continue to provide ongoing fire safety performance by offering our customers maintenance services.

We can provide fire protection services in homes, workplaces, restaurants, fitness clubs or any other location in the Kingston area where the public can be found.

For fire prevention advice and alarm installation services in Kingston, call Ohms Fire & Security Ltd and talk to one of our advisors.