Fire Protection Advice for Property Owners in Woking

Ohms Fire & Security Ltd are based in Byfleet and we cover all major locations in the Surrey area including Woking. We are fire safety experts and our company specialises in the supply and installation of fire alarms. All products fitted by Ohms Fire & Security Ltd comply with current UK and European standards.

We offer expert advice on fire protection and fire prevention. Below, we provide some important details which potential clients in the Woking area may like to consider in advance of purchasing one of our fire alarms.

Why are Fire Alarms so Important?

In the event of a fire outbreak, you will only have a few precious minutes to deal with the situation and get your family (or your staff) to safety. Fire alarms are designed to alert you to an outbreak as soon as possible. The device itself is only the size of a hand and can be fitted to the ceiling as part of your fire protection program.

If a fire breaks out in your Woking property, a loud warning alarm will sound. We strongly recommend that you make evacuation a priority. While there may be times where it’s possible to tackle a small fire outbreak with an extinguisher, Ohms Fire & Security Ltd believes that evacuation is one of the most important fire safety practices.

Once you have cleared your property and accounted for everybody, call 999 and ask for the fire brigade. Do not re-enter your home or business under any circumstances.

10 Fire Prevention and Safety Tips

While learning how to deal with an incident is important, fire prevention is always more preferable to tackling a fire. Ohms Fire & Security Ltd provide some handy fire protection tips below to help protect your Woking property and the welfare of anybody living or working inside it. We hope these tips come in handy for you.

1. Install fire alarms and smoke alarms. Ensure they are regularly serviced.

2. If you smoke, never empty ashtrays into rubbish bins.

3. Keep matches and lighters away from children.

4. Never let electrical cords run under carpets or rugs.

5. Candles may create ambience but never leaving them unattended.

6. Try not to overload power outlets and extensions.

7. If you use portable heaters, keep them away from soft furnishings.

8. Store flammable materials away from sources of heat.

9. Practice escape plans as part of your fire safety program.

10. Ensure your family and employees understand fire prevention.

Trusted Fire Protection Specialists for the Woking Area

Ohms Fire & Security Ltd can visit your home or business in Woking to conduct a fire safety survey and provide advice on fire protection. We’ll evaluate risks at your property and recommend the most suitable places to fit our fire alarms. If you need extra advice on fire prevention, we can help you with that too.

Our highly trained personnel can arrive at a suitable time to fit fire alarms and to make your property as safe as possible. Ohms Fire & Security Ltd conduct all surveys without charge and provide competitive quotations without obligation.

If you own a property in Woking, call us today and we’ll provide you with friendly advice on fire protection and fire safety.